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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Marley's 12-month portraits in Hermann Park

It's been an honor to chronicle Marley's first year in photos. I first met her and her mom Katie last July to photograph her 4-month portraits and then met up with them again this January to photograph her 10-month portraits at the Houston Children's Museum. When I joined them at Hermann Park on a gorgeous weekend afternoon, Katie told me how excited she was to have these photos taken, that she'd been looking forward to this since the day Marley was born. And Marley couldn't have done a better job in front of my camera! Gorgeous late afternoon sunlight, a happy baby, and lush scenery combined to produce quite possibly my favorite photo session to date. Thank you Katie and Marley for a wonderful session! I hope you enjoy the images as much as I do.

Here are several favorites!

Collage of photos of Marley at 12-months-old

Closeup photo of a little girl sitting on a bench in Hermann Park

Mother holds young daughter and kisses her on the cheek

Two photos of a little girl wearing a pink tutu and walking on a dock in Hermann Park

Two photos of a mother and toddler daughter, walking and also sitting on a wooden dock

A black and white closeup image of a curly haired 12-month-old girl being held by her mother and laughing

A smiling 1-year-old girl smiling in a tutu on a park bench

Photo of a 1-year-old child backlit by golden sunlight

Closeup photo of a little girl sitting on a bench in Hermann Park

Collage of images showcasing a happy little girl sitting on a park bench

Closeup photo of a little girl sitting on a bench in Hermann Park

A little girl wearing a white dress and pigtails turns her back and faces a glowing sunset

12-month-old girl sitting in the grass during sunset in Hermann Park

A black and white photo of a mother in a sundress holding the hand of her 1-year-old daughter while walking away

A 1-year-old little girl standing in the grass with her mother

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Slice of Life Sunday: art in the park 2011

Two weeks ago I grabbed my beau on a beautiful spring Saturday and ventured out to the Bayou City Art Festival. Last year I left with a gorgeous gold Chrysanthemum ring and Jared bought a modest sized oil painting reproduction. If this year is any indication of a trend, we won't be able to afford to go next year! Jared spoiled me with jewelry and he also bought himself a large framed limited print from an incredibly talented Texas map artist. Jared bought Battlefield Texas: Texas Ranger Badges by Christopher Alan Smith. It's really incredible to look at up close.

And for me, well, did I mention he spoiled me? He bought me the matching gold Chrysanthemum earrings to match the ring I bought last year. I love the set! They are real flowers cast in 24K gold and they are gorgeous.

(Click on any of the photos to see more of the artists' work).

Chrysanthemum gold ring

He also bought me a delicate and dainty gold ring that I haven't taken off since. It's my new staple piece. I even forgot to photograph it when I took all of these pictures. It's from Limbo Jewelry Design, and you can see it here. When you wear it, it just looks like a circle sitting on your finger. So simple.

I instantly fell in LOVE with this entire concept. Vintage tins, recycled into jewelry. I chose a pair of teardrop shaped earrings made from a Calumet baking powder tin. I was drawn to the type. The artist had plenty of bold, bright, and floral patterns on other pieces, but I really love the type on these. And that the wear and tear of the tin are so evident.

Calumet tin earrings

This final piece is by the featured artist, Dolan Geiman. His festival featured work, "My Texas Map" was incredible to see in person. It's a collage that creates the shape of Texas, utilizing acrylic and silkscreen techniques.

I went home with a MUCH smaller piece, a block print reproduction. I love the texture and dimension of mixed media, but the technique the artist uses to print directly on the wood really maintains the depth and texture of the original. It's branded on the back, literally, with the artist's name. I currently have it hanging above my desk, but felt my sister's funky wingback chair was the perfect place to photograph it. On a completely unrelated note, I really wish I could buy this chair from her! She got it at a resale shop and plans to recover it, but I am crazy in love with the colors and pattern. Look how well it goes with my art! Oh well.

CDolan Geiman block print

I can't wait for the 2012 Bayou City Art Festival! Must start saving for it NOW.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Desktop calendar wallpaper

In honor and memory of my dad, whose 62nd birthday would have been yesterday, this month's wallpaper comes from a trip to Alabama, home of my Tarleton lineage.

One of my all-time favorite images of Dad came from a trip to Oklahoma, home of another family tree branch. I think his eyes are closed, and it's definitely out of focus, but there's more to a great photo than technical beauty. What does a great image make you feel? What does it make you remember? For me, this picture of Dad and the closeup of the tall weeds at sunset remind me of a day Dad was happy and at peace.  A day he was so excited to teach my second cousin and me all about Oklahoma and where my grandma grew up.

So when we traveled to Alabama in November 2008, I was happy to have the chance to shoot a similar image in another place Dad was always happy and at peace. And it brought me peace. This one's for you, Mr. Mo.

1920 x 1200
1280 x 800
1024 x 768

April 2100 desktop calendar wallpaper

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