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Sunday, March 20, 2011

March Desktop Calendar Wallpaper

I always have the best intentions of doing things better next time. Or holding myself accountable this time around. I'm my own biggest critic, feeling that I've somehow failed miserably if I drop the ball just slightly. But I never factor life into the equation. And with all my family has been through in the past 3 years, you'd think I would have learned to by now!

I had the best intentions (and intended on holding myself accountable) to upload this month's wallpaper at the beginning of the month. My grandma has been in the hospital for about a month now, the news teetering somewhere between not-so-good and a-little-better on a daily basis. But the first weekend in March I got a text from my uncle that literally made me start trembling and break into a rash. For the record, I think the entire male population should be educated on how to send emotionally sensitive information through a completely emotionless medium, but that's a different topic. The text said something along the lines of "turn for the worse" with a few other sentences that led me to believe even if I had gotten on a plane that second headed for Boston, I would be too late.

Fortunately for everyone my assumption was wrong, but my sister and I headed to Boston that first weekend anyway. The week we spent there was a flurry of emotions, full of flashbacks to seeing both of my own parents in the ICU, and conversations you dread ever having with loved ones. It goes without saying that I am beyond thrilled that she is doing better.

This photo was taken in Bellville, TX last year during a relaxing getaway weekend. But it is so fitting for Grandma. I bought my first Kalanchoe (pictured below) after seeing it in her garden one visit. Snow was still on the ground in Boston the first week of March, but all of her plants were still thriving inside. I made sure to water them as I didn't have much faith in my uncles to do so, so I hope they are still doing well!

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November 2010 desktop calendar wallpaper

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