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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Slice of Life Sunday - Be Mine....?

Last Saturday night I took my sweetheart out to a romantic dinner downtown for his birthday. We had a wonderful evening, dined on filet mignon, sipped on Trefethen wine, and enjoyed the dim light and romantic ambiance. I took care of the bill and it was on track to be the perfect evening. We waited a good 10 minutes for the truck at the valet stand, but I was on a food high so great that I didn't mind the freezing temperature outside. Then the valet drove up in a white Cadillac Escalade. I heard Jared say "I hope they don't think that's ours." While it would be nice to drive off in someone else's Cadillac, this was when the evening went south. Fast.

After I ran inside realizing how terribly cold it was, and Jared had a brief conversation with the valet, it turned out they had in fact, misplaced Jared's keys and accidentally included our tag with the Cadillac's keys. Another 30 minutes pass worrying that this fine dining establishment has lost Jared's truck. Tick....tock....tick.....tock..... Finally our chariot arrived!

Away we drove, thinking we dodged a potentially night-ruining bullet. Instead, it hit us when we arrived at his apartment. And saw that Barley had decided to redecorate Jared's living room windows. Blinds really aren't her style, you see. So she ripped a Beagle size hole as high as she could reach. I looked at Jared and saw a cartoon version of him - red face, steam blowing out of his ears, and so on. Meanwhile, Barley just runs to him, beyond excited to see him, attempting to cover him in a thousand licks and kisses. Oh, he was so angry, not quite calm from the earlier "the valet almost lost my truck" feeling.

I knew the feeling. As someone who has been on the receiving end of Barley's redecoration outbursts, I empathized 110%. And promised to replace the blinds (in addition to the ones in his bedroom she ripped out over a year ago). I feared that the evening was ruined and I wasn't going to accept that! I dug through Jared's pile of mail, looking for the little envelope covered in hearts with the return address "B. Tarleton" next to the little paw print. He forced a laugh when I handed it to him saying, "Barley really wanted to send you a Valentine."

Jared reluctantly opened it, and smiled at the photo of Barley with a tiny bee and the words "Bee my valentine." He turned it over to see a paw print and "I ♥ U." "See? Isn't she a sweetheart?" I begged. Perfect timing.

I found the template for the Valentines on Veer's website. They have a ton of cool things under the "Free" tab. I printed and trimmed them out, and sent them to several of my friends. I thought they were pretty clever! I'm particlulary fond of the "I lover you mower each day" one.

Happy belated Valentine's Day!


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