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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Slice of Life Sunday: art in the park

Houston had GORGEOUS weather today and I took advantage of the bright sun and cool breeze in Memorial Park today at the Bayou City Art Festival. Talented artists from across the country showed up and I was in awe of many of the creations displayed and up for sale. I left with the stunning ring below, a real chrysanthemum cast in 24K gold. It is such a statement piece and I love, love, love it!

Chrysanthemum gold ring

Monday, March 22, 2010

Springtime family portraits

Other than beautiful lighting, the best thing I can find in a client's home when I arrive for a photo shoot are walls and shelves covered in photos displayed as part of the home decor. This tells me 1. how important photography is to you and 2. how you plan to utilize the photos from our session. I was thrilled when I arrived and asked Lindsay what kind of session she was looking for and she told me she wanted to show me something. She led me upstairs and showed me two large wall collages created from previous photo shoots and said "this." Each was a beautiful collection of candids and traditional posed shots that showcased the love and energy of her family of five. Perfect.

Thank you so much Lindsay for the fun shoot and I can't wait to come back to your house to see how these get displayed!

Candid portrait of three children

I told each of the kiddos to make a silly face to loosen them up and I like those shots just as much as the smiles!
Closeup photo of a young boy

Closeup photo of a young boy

Avery just wasn't having any of it. Until her daddy made her smile.
Closeup photo of a young girl

Father holding young daughter

Such a gorgeous couple!
Portrait of husband and wife

Posed photo of three children on the floor

Head shots of five family members

In addition to the portraits, Lindsay also asked for candid of the kids playing with their toys. Such a great idea.
Collage of candid photos taken of children at play

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Family portrait session sneak peek!

Here's a sneak peak from a session I'm currently editing. Plenty more to come!

Candid photo of three children

Monday, March 15, 2010

Dove family update and March desktop calendar wallpaper

Until yesterday, I had little new news or photos to share of the dove family living in my patio. Well, there was the sad day that I came home and found only one egg in the basket and then two days later found out the one left had hatched. But since then, Mama Bird has been PARKED on top of that chick. Yesterday I saw tufts of little feathers poking out from beneath her and surely thought she had smothered the poor thing. Then I came home yesterday and Mama Bird had flown the nest. And there was the cutest little chick looking up at me! He is so precious, and teeny tiny. I had to keep Barley locked up so I could take these latest photos.

Which leads me to.... I should clarify my last Facebook status update "Having a bird's nest in my plant was fun right up until the moment my dog discovered it. And discovered she could reach it." Barley didn't eat the bird, she ALMOST did. She finally discovered the nest and jumped up to get to it. Mama Bird flew away scared and squawking. Left behind was the tiniest little creature, still in the shape and size of the egg that had contained it. I was too terrified Barley would get to it, that I wasn't able to snap a photo, but it was an incredible sight to see.

My new baby! I need help naming him. Suggestions? I'm leaning towards Nemo, for hatching from the lone surviving egg.

And all I have to say about March's desktop calendar wallpaper is Oops. It is on my calendar to do April's early! Sunlight has such a positive motivational influence on me, that I thought this photo was so appropriate to represent this month of gaining an extra hour of sunlight after work! This makes me so happy, you have no idea. The photo below was taken in the Australian outback. I can't even recall how many layers of sunscreen I had on. Enjoy!

1920 x 1200
1280 x 800
1024 x 768

March 2010 desktop calendar wallpaper

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Announcing the winners of the free engagement shoot giveaway!

I fell in love with the story about how they met. I fell in love with the story about how they got engaged. I even fell in love with the little details that came out in subsequent e-mails after she first contacted me: how Jill's family dog Pollie looks like my Barley, and how our Dads shared a connection in the beer industry (how cool is that!?). But what really got me was how Jill talked about the plans for their wedding and their vision for an engagement shoot- all so uniquely them. So, it is without further ado, that I announce Jill and Casper as the winners of my Valentine's Day Engagement Shoot Giveaway!

Jill sent me these great photos of them; the one on the right is from their engagement.

Jill, I'll be in contact with you soon to plan your session and I'm really looking forward to it!

Here's a little about the lucky couple, written by Jill:

Our Story: 
Some people may tell you we met at a BAR, but the truth is we met at a concert that just happened to be taking place inside a bar ;)  In early 2007, we both were at Firehouse Saloon in Houston to see Micky and the Motorcars perform.  Supporting his fellow Idahoans, Cap had seen them before.  I was joining a girlfriend from work, bridesmaid Erica Sparrow, to see the band for my first time.  With a bucket of beers in hand Erica and I were ready to settle and enjoy the problem, no where to sit!  Thanks to Erica, a picnic table full of 4 guys soon became a slightly more cramped picnic table full of 4 guys, me, Erica, and a few other friends.  One of those 4 guys was Cap.  He soon found me and we talked the rest of the night....all the way through the entire Micky concert.  We return to Firehouse Saloon fairly often, usually to see Micky and the guys yet again, and always have to point out "our picnic table".
Our Engagement:
Cap is a full time graduate student at Rice University studying "The West" through cultural anthropology.  Included in his studies is a primary focus on American Rodeo, in which he still performs as a bronc rider (though not as often as he used to).  This past fall he was invited, along with 50 other Americans, to perform in the first ever European Rodeo Tour.  They traveled all across Spain for 6 weeks bringing the sport of Rodeo to thousands that had never seen or heard of such an event.  Partially through the tour, I joined Cap and the group for a little Spanish vacation of my own.  A couple days into my visit, we departed from the tour for a little adventure of our own in the Spanish mountain range of the Sierra Nevadas.  While visiting a quaint Spanish mountain town, Cap proposed during sunset much to my surprise!  I accepted immediately and then found out the long story behind the engagement.  He had actually bought the ring before leaving Houston back in September.  He had then kept the ring with him at all times as his group trekked across Spain....from planes, to buses, to horseback!  He even joked that he came close to "sewing it into his underwear" just to ensure it's safety :)

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