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Monday, December 14, 2009

My Australian Adventure: hits and misses

The biggest “miss” from my Australian adventure? Catching the flu on the plane flight home and falling ill for 10+ days. I was snotty, groggy, and full of cold meds for almost as many days as the length of my Australian vacation. I didn’t even get to enjoy the post-vacation bliss I usually feel after an amazing trip. So now, I will attempt to relive it, through the Cliffs Notes version:

Saturday, November 14 through Monday, November 16

  • Flew Houston to LA, LA to Melbourne, Melbourne to Perth
  • Watched 5 movies and 6 TV episodes in 24 hours (thank you onboard on-demand entertainment!)
  • Crawled over a sleeping 15-year-old in desperation to get to the “lavatory.” Thrice.
  • Showers in the Qantas lounge = priceless. Having a guest pass to the Qantas lounge = heaven.
  • Laid down for a “nap” at 4:30 pm Monday afternoon and woke up the following morning

Tuesday, November 17
  • “Brekky” in Cottesloe, followed by a walk on the beach, followed by more napping

Wednesday, November 18
  • Drove 7 hours roundtrip to see the magnificent Pinnacles desert, only to see them through the rain-spotted Jeep windows
  • Watched the Australian movie Kenny and forever now see toilet paper as “poo tickets”

Thursday, November 19
  • Small bus tour of the Swan Valley wine region: 5 wineries, 1 microbrewery, and one chocolate factory. Drunk by 2:00 pm.
  • Shared a sip from a port pipe with a Wales tourist traveling alone. She was cool. Had I caught the flu that week, I’d be cursing her name

Friday, November 20
  • Shopped the Fremantle markets and tried to shake the “ooh! Titties!” comment made in my direction. Can a girl not wear a low-cut beach cover-up in a beach town anymore?
  • Went to Cicerello’s in Fremantle for fish ‘n chips. The kind fried in batter that tastes like funnel cake and literally melts in your mouth. Amazing.
  • Crashed a happy hour hosted by my brother-in-law’s office where I met a Scottish guy who told me he had 5 Scottish friends: one bald, one blonde, one dark-haired, one short, and one tall. Which one would I be interested in? Yes, please.
  • Discovered a better “drunk food” than Austin’s Roppolo’s pizza: the kebab; could not figure out who the strange man was that came and sat at our table and rambled about only being in town from a Sydney flight layover. Hmm.

Saturday, November 21
  • Enjoyed the $31 per person breakfast buffet at the Indiana teahouse on Cottesloe beach. We paid for the spectacular view.
  • Joined one of Kim's Aussie friends for a "champagne lunch." 3 hours and two bottles of bubbly later Kim had volunteered me for a 7:00 am photo shoot in Kings Park

Sunday, November 22
  • Randomly selected by airport security to have my carryon luggage tested for explosives. Tested negative.
  • Frustrated that my moisturizer exploded all over my toiletries bag during the flight to Ayers Rock
  • Watched a beautiful sunset over Kata Tjuta

Monday, November 23
  • Hiked for 4+ hours around the base of Uluru, the big red rock in the middle of the Australian outback; total length = 10.4 km.
  • 4-hour-hike + 2 Tarleton sisters + 2 small Tarleton bladders + fear of dehydration + 1 toilet = agony
  • After being told there was only 1 toilet (at the end of the trail), we were also asked to tell a buddy if we went off-path to “pick flowers”
  • (Over)cooked and ate crocodile for the first time
  • Watched as a European tourist stole Kim’s used utensils from her pile of discarded and dirty plates, just 6 inches in front of us, then proceed to sit down on the other side of the picnic table and use them to eat her food. NOT KIDDING.

Tuesday, November 24
  • Took the coldest shower of my life in a community bathroom
  • Randomly selected (again) by airport security to have my carryon luggage tested for explosives. Tested negative (again). I must look scary?
  • We managed to make our second flight with only a 40-minute layover. Sadly, our luggage did not.
  • Consolation prize for arriving in a foreign city with no luggage? Qantas pajamas.
  • Learned that playing the blame game with someone who has 26 years of ammunition against you is a losing battle.

Wednesday, November 25
  • 8:00 am tour bus departure + no luggage = wearing the same clothes 2 days in a row; leaving the hotel just as the Great Ocean Road for over 12 hours on a tour bus named Priscilla driven by Diana Spencer. She asked that we call her “Lady Di”
  • By the end of the day, officially saw 5 times as many Australian national parks as I have seen in the US.
  • Tried to ignore the crazy Chinese tourist singing Celine Dion to herself one row over
  • Saw the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen on this great Earth: the Lock Ard Gorge

Thursday, November 26
  • Rode the tram to St. Kilda and got caught in the rain (do I sense a theme here?)
  • Picked up an afternoon snack at Lord of the Fries
  • Discovered the Australian version of Forever 21; told by Kim if I wore the dress I bought there to dinner that night, I would look like a "high class hooker." Thanks Kim
  • Dined at Rockpool where I wanted to lick the bowl of mac ‘n cheese, but was embarrassed to have to ask where the toilet was (it was too nice of a restaurant, but that’s what they call it!)

Friday, November 27
  • Shopped ‘til we dropped, literally- from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm we walked to the Queen Victoria Markets, then to Lygon Street and to Brunswick Street; felt just as long as the 10.4 km walk around the base of Uluru.
  • Became street shopping road kill when an Amazon woman dressed in denim capris and ankle boots ran over me; well her ugly boots at least scraped the heck out of my ankle
  • A fine day for dining: brekky in the alleyways with the most delicious fresh squeezed juice and dinner along the river with a fresh ‘n fruity Pimms

Saturday, November 28
  • Wondered where all the muscle aches and joint pains were coming from and attributed them to air travel ☹
  • Made it back home to my own bed with my cuddly puppy after 30 hours of travelling


Anonymous December 15, 2009 at 2:31 AM  

Hilarious! So glad you could come visit me again so we could make these funny memories. i think your trip should have been a mastercard commercial.-kim

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