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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Getting sidetracked, stealing colors, and redesigning the blog. Again.

With a dream as big as quitting my day job and working as a professional wedding photographer and graphic designer, it's easy sometimes to lose sight of the small tasks. You know the huge small tasks, like a business plan, and a budget, and marketing. It's much easier to daydream, read photo blogs, and drool over expensive lenses. While I strive to keep everything I do with the "BIG picture" in mind, I'm missing the whole prioritization train. I decided last week while staring at my monotone boring blog design (yes, I realize I just overhauled it) that taking the time to redesign it again trumped the business plan outlining. Because after all, I'm selling my visual aesthetic, right? And my blog is a reflection of my brand and me, which leads to marketing, etc. Ignoring the fact that I still have yet to define my brand and who I am as a photographer and graphic designer (most designers will tell you that branding one's self is the hardest thing to do), I decided to pick all new colors and a fresh new style.

I love what this color palette says: that I am fresh, bold, and confident. I could say I planned on them coordinating with my own coloring, but it's a happy coincidence. The sketch of the blog is on the left, the middle colors are paper samples for envelopes and cards, the colors on the right are all of my new colors, and the bottom right are ideas for my new business cards.

One of my favorite parts of being a visual and creative person is recognizing trends in various mediums and relating how what's latest and greatest in the fashion world transcends into interior design, photography, and graphic design. They're all inter-related and it's fascinating to see the connections.

A by-product of constantly cataloguing these visual cues is that I find myself utilizing these trends in my design without remembering necessarily where the inspiration came from. After I decided upon the colors above, Danielle came by my desk one day and informed me that I had stolen her colors. Sure enough, the colors for her identity design were eerily similar. The next night I went to see Houston Ballet's Swan Lake and spotted the same bright colors in the costume designs. And I've continued to recognize the same patterns of color usage in all types of media. While I may not be original in developing this color system, I'm in line with current trends and am very excited to roll out the new blog design in the coming weeks, printing new business cards, and eventually tackling my website to coordinate.

The business plan can wait.

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